I'm thrilled you're here to learn about my photography journey. My path as a photographer was ignited by a personal regret – not booking a professional maternity and newborn portraits when my first child was born. Even after seven years, that twinge of regret lingers, driving my passion for capturing maternity and newborn moments. There's something exceptionally profound about these sessions. I cherish helping families document this transformative time, as I intimately understand their significance and value. 

Now my work has expanded to families at all stages of life. I find immense joy in aiding families to document the different fleeting phases of their lives. My photography isn't just about capturing images; it's about crafting visual narratives that echo with laughter, tenderness, and the promise of a shared journey. So, whether it's the anticipation of new life, the chaotic beauty of family life, or the quiet moments in between, I'm here to make them timeless – to transform them into art that tugs at your heartstrings. Thank you for considering me to be a part of your life's most cherished chapters. It's a privilege to celebrate these fleeting moments alongside you, and I can't wait to transform them into timeless works of art.

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My Philosophy

I believe family photography should be fun and an effortless experience for everyone, even the kids! This is why I've intentionally crafted an adventure that blends meticulous planning and in-the-moment spontaneity. From helping you choose your outfits and location, to carrying your bags, and finding the right heirloom print products, I’m here to take the load off your shoulders. I will gently guide you through your session and give you plenty of opportunities to laugh, dance, cuddle, or whatever your family loves doing the most. Your time with me will go by quickly, and you will be left with photos that will help you relive the moment, hear the laughter, and feel the love.

Family photography should never be stuffy.
It should Always be cozy and sometimes even a little bit silly!

My Philosophy

Family photography should be as enjoyable for everyone, including the little ones! That's why I've meticulously blended careful planning with spontaneous moments, crafting an experience that's effortless and fun. From helping you choose outfits and the perfect location to carrying bags and guiding you through preserving memories with heirloom print products, consider me your partner every step of the way. During your session, I'll gently lead, ensuring there's plenty of room for your family's genuine moments – be it laughter, dances, or snuggles. Your time with me will go by quickly, but the images you'll hold will encapsulate the essence of these fleeting moments. Laughter will resound, embraces will be felt, and love will be relived each time you revisit them.

Family photography should never be stuffy.
It should Always be cozy & sometimes even a little bit silly!

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Alan and I met at a wedding. I made the first move by asking Alan to dance with me. It was pretty bold, and I was NERVOUS... And it turned out to be one of the best things I've ever done. We've been together for almost 14 years now, and he's still my #1 dance partner [although our girls are a close 2nd].

I made the first move...

And it doesn't stop me from having dance parties on the regular with Grace and Olivia. Luckily my dancing skills didn't scare Alan off, and my moves are still "cool" in the girls' eyes.

I have two left

I know, technically, cooking for friends and family is an act of service, and at the same time it is also quality time. I love being able to create something, with love, and share it over great conversation and laughter.

Cooking is my love language...




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Fun facts

Contact me and share a bit about your family and the type of photography you're looking for. I'll be in touch in 48 hours or less. I can't wait to start planning our time together.

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